Saturday, June 6, 2009

♫ Song of praise

God has answered our prayers, he has healed Jonathan. And now he is safe in the arms of Jesus. I can see him now, looking at Jesus with his big smile, and knowing he is with Jesus. He is now in the best most optimal health ever. Praise God that Jonathan is healed. Alleluia what a Savior. And remember this! there will be times of sorrow and grief, and times of pain. And times of joy. But there is always JESUS!!!


Kevin Wegner said...

Yes Leah, Jonathan is eternally healed. He will know no more sorrow or pain. Thanks for the post and prayers.

Josh said...

Amen! Safe in the arms of Jesus... Praying,

Pure Little Ladies Ministry said...

"There will be a day/With no more tears/No more pain/And no more fear/There will be a day/Where the burdens of this place/Will be no more/We'll see Jesus face to face" (-Jeremy Camp, "There Will Be A Day")

"Blessed are those who mourn, for they will be comforted." Matthew 5:4

Kevin Wegner said...

I have thought of that song several times, Victoria, since Jonathan's passing. Thanks for the reminder.

PLLM said...

Also another song that really helped me with Isaiah Daniel's death was...

"I'll praise You in this storm/And I will lift my hands/For You are Who You are/No matter where I am/And every tear I've cried/You hold in Your Hand/You've never left my side/And though my heart is torn/I will praise You in this storm"

Cling to our Savior. He'll get you through this.

Miss Toria

Rachel M. said...

Those songs are really good. One other song is "He Will Carry Me" by Mark Schultz.

If you check my blog, the music player, it is the third song on it.

God bless!
In Him,
Rachel M.

Josh said...

Praise You in this Storm is beautiful...One of my favorites. "On Faith Alone" is amazing too. The word hold such meaning and comfort. You can hear it on my blog and kevin's.

God Bless,

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