Saturday, March 13, 2010

What Comes to Your Mind?

When you think about God and His characteristics, what comes to your mind?

When I think upon the Lord, I think on how personal He is in my life--He never leaves me, ALWAYS by my side; no matter what, His love never changes towards me; no one is like God and He deserves all glory!!
So, this is where you followers and readers come in: What have you learned about God recently and when you think upon Him and His Name, what comes to your mind?

I pray everyone is having a great weekend so far. God bless!!

~Rachel M.~


Austin Peachey said...

I used to think of God as all-powerful,all-knowing God Who created us. Now I think of him as my best friend. What's is man's best friend?

Rachel M. said...

Thanks Austin for your comment!
That is totally true, isn't it? Jesus Christ loves us more than anyone else and enjoys to talk with us every minute of the day.

Thank you for sharing! :D
In Christ who is our best Friend,
Rachel M.

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