Saturday, May 9, 2009

Honor Thy Father and Mother

As everyone knows tomorrow is Mother's Day, we need to remember what a great blessing our mothers AND fathers are to us. In God's Word it says to honor our parents for this is the first commandment with a promise that it may be well with us and may live long on this earth. We need to remember the sacrifices they make for us each day, and we may not even know it. God tells us to respect our parents and obey them, and continue to tell them how much they are to us and how we love them.

So, as tomorrow comes and goes, just don't say "I love you mom" and "I love you dad" for tomorrow only; say it for the coming days, weeks, months, and years as well. I know personally that they love it when you do something special for them like writing a letter to them, talking about what a blessing they are from the Lord and thankful for parents like them who bring you up in the admonition of the Lord.

Thank you mom and dad for being that example. I love you!

In Him Alone,
Rachel M.


Bethany said...

Thanks for the encouragement Rachel! Great thoughts.

Kevin Wegner said...

Excellent post, Rachel! Mother's Day and Father's Day are not the only days we should tell our parents we love them. We should ALWAYS show them that we love them by our actions.

God Bless!

Rachel M. said...

Thank you for your comments! (:

In Him,
Rachel M.

Moriah said...

Excellent post! Yes, moms and dads love it when you write to them! For me it's easy to write to them because that's how I tell them how I feel and that's how I tell them how much I love them!

Rachel M. said...

Thank you, Moriah, for your comment. (: Have a blessed evening!

Gilbert K. Yi said...

In Thailand we celebrate Monther's Day on August 12 of every year. On that day children traditionally pay respect to their mother by Krab(put your palms press together in a prayer-like style and slightly bow your self with your head touch your mom's shoulder) and give her a jasmin garland. ^^
This is my first time visit your blog. I really like your thoughts about God. In Bangkok there are so many churches here. People are becoming Christian more and more. Hope one day you would be here visiting beautiful contry of Thailand.

God Bless You and
Nice to meet you
Gilbert K. Yi
Thailand ^^

Rachel M. said...

Thank you, Gilbert K. Yi for stopping by! Thank you for sharing how you celebrate Mother's Day there in Thailand.
And how awesome that people are becoming Christians more and more! We serve an amazing and powerful God, don't we?

God bless, brother in Christ, and your dear family and have a wonderful day!

In Him,
Rachel M.

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